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Extend your target audience!

More returning customers. And we all know what that means! 💰💰💰

Don't let them slip away

If people hesitate to trade their personal data for what you offer - they are gone. You've just missed the opportunity to catch them.

No strings attached

It's OK if they don't want to follow you on social media. Or subscribe to your newsletter. They still want to buy your products.

Let them Bee Informed

After all, you want more people to see your offer. Give alternatives to make them happy. Happier customers will spend more money.

How Bee Informed works How Bee Informed works

Your customers are like bees, they are flying from one flower to another. If it's hard for them to reach a flower, they will switch to different one.


  • Fully GDPR compliant

  • Reach your customers instantly

  • Chronological timeline - Your store, your app, your content

  • True Anonymity!

  • Curate information for different customers types

Bee Informed key features

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Honeycomb Plan
  • checkmark No limit on followers count
  • checkmark 2 offers per day
  • checkmark 2 different brand topics
  • checkmark Basic Analytics
For early adopters and for those who are not afraid trying something new. Start creating buzz!
Beehive Plan
  • checkmark No limit on followers count
  • checkmark 15 offers per day
  • checkmark 10 different brand topics
  • checkmark Scheduled posts
  • checkmark Advanced analytics
  • checkmark Increased in-app visibility
Coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

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Information, that you send through the web interface, is delivered to the your customer's mobile phones. Following your profile is done through Bee Informed mobile application and your content is presented within the app.

Privacy became a big thing today. People are going incognito so their browsing history doesn't affect ads they are seeing. Sometimes really frightened by those "You recently bought these, what do you think about..." ads. We wan't to build a place where your audience wouldn't need to worry about this, while still getting the deals they want to get.

We don't require any personal identifier from your audience, such as name, email, phone number or anything that can relate to them. We don't require any kind of registration. Yet, we can still send your information to the desired target. We also don't apply algorithms that will decide what to show to your users and when. Content is delivered and shown to your followers as you post it.

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco